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Cosmetic Laser Treatments at Paddington Skin, Brisbane

Have you ever been told a spot on your skin is benign but you want it gone and you’re not sure how to treat it?

Our K-Laser is a remarkably versatile device that can remove benign raised moles, warts, seb k’s, solar lentigos (also known as age or liver spots), surface veins and angiomas on the face and body.

Laser treatment is very precise with low risk of scarring for most skin types. This is because we can target specific chromophores or pigment in the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed resulting in excellent cosmetic results and patient satisfaction.

In addition to the exceptional effectiveness of the K-Laser, the procedure is quick and typically requires minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities almost immediately. Our experienced practitioners ensure a comfortable experience, and we take the time to discuss all your concerns and expectations.

Prices start from $150 for a single, small lesion less than 1cm in size and a full quotation will provided at your consultation.  Speak to our friendly staff by calling 07 3862 3144 or book online to get started!
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