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Skin Cancer Checks

01.Early Detection

At Paddington Skin, our cutting-edge facility is designed to confidently detect and treat skin cancer and pre-cancerous spots.  We aim to provide timely and affordable access to skin services in our community so you can be rest assured any cancers are detected early and treated by our experienced clinicians.

anti wrinkle injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections

02.Tailored to You

Our Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables, administered by our skilled team of GPs and our highly experienced Registered Nurse, offer a non-invasive, quick, economical, and effective alternative for reducing and preventing the development of wrinkles, producing results that look natural and refreshed.

dermal fillers

Bioremodeller Injections

03.Restore Volume

Bioremodellers use hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin to restore age-related volume loss to areas of the face such as the lips, cheeks and chin. At Paddington Skin, our expert clinicians can discuss your concerns and develop and tailored treatment plan.

male cosmetic anti wrinkle

Male Cosmetic Treatments

04.Fresh & Natural

Male cosmetic injections have gained immense popularity recently. Our clinic in Brisbane can offer you a tailored treatment program to subtly correct frown lines and other facial issues to improve your social, business and personal life.

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Welcome to Paddington Skin

Skin Cancer Detection & Cosmetic Medical Doctors.

We offer state-of-the-art skin cancer detection and treatment services and safe and effective cosmetic anti-ageing treatments. Our team of experienced and highly trained clinicians is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients, and we use only the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure our services are the best in Brisbane.

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Early Detection Saves Lives

Skin Cancer Services By Experienced GPs

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer globally, making it a serious concern in our community. However, detecting skin cancer early can significantly reduce the risk of complications and even save lives.

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Non invasive, quick, affordable

We Are Experts In Anti Wrinkle Injectables

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